Articles Trainer

Practice your English articles knowledge. This trainer provides exercises and explanations about the correct use of articles “the” and “a/an”. Articles trainer is a simple minigame. Be aware of your hearts and gain score points.

Prepositions Trainer

Practice your English prepositions skills! Prepositions Trainer is a simple minigame where you must find correct prepositions which fit into the sentences.
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Tenses Trainer

Practice your English tenses skills in Past Simple, Present Perfect, Present Progressive and all other tenses. 2D and 3D mode available.
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Verb Trainer

Practice your English verb skills in irregular and regular verbs. 2D and 3D mode available.
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Tenses Table

Our tenses table contains all of English tenses and examples for each.
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Conditional Trainer

Practice your English conditional tenses knowledge. You will find Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 Conditional exercises inside of this trainer.
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