Prepositions of place

in a specific place
The cat is in the room.

Jack will be in London next week.

What's going on in the kitchen?
on a specific place

on pictures, TV, radio, internet
The bottle is standing on the table.

The car is driving on the road.

I have seen a funny video on the internet recently.
next to a specific place


places, where everyday's activities are done
Can you wait for me at the station?

We are at the party of Jack tonight.

We learned about that at school.

Will you be at work tomorrow?
next to a specific place
I left my bicycle by the tree in the backyard.

The city lies by the sea.
next to
next to a specific place
The city lies next to the sea.

Can we stop next to the Big Ben?
next to a specific place
Jim, can you stand beside my sister for the photo?

Beside our house is a kindergarten.
under a specific place
Is there a monster under my bed?

Our cat is hiding under the table.
under a specific place, but not at the ground.
The mirror is hanging below the lamp.

The temperature is far below zero.

Jack lives one floor below me.
over a specific place
The plane is flying over Bangkok.

The moon is shining over the town.

Is there something over my head?
get to a specific place
Can you go to the post office please?

Last week we flew to New York.

This train will take us to Tokyo.
get to the other side of a specific place
The car is driving across the bridge.

Can you go across the room to bring me my glasses?
get through a specific place
We drove through a very long and dark tunnel yesterday.

Can you see through your sun glasses?

I am travelling through Russia with a train.
get inside of a specific place
He went back into his house.

The plane flew into the cloud.

Get into the car!
get on a specific place
I placed the books onto the table.

The cat jumped onto the roof.
moving to a specific place, but not reaching it
We were walking towards the mountains the whole morning.

We are on a road towards Berlin.

He looked towards the sky.
moving from a specific place
The cat jumped from the table.

We drove from the gas station to the highway.

Prepositions of time

on specific datesBobby was born on December 1st.
day of the weekI have a doctor appointment on Monday.
in yearThe second World War ended in 1945.
monthIn April we will built a tree house!
time of a day (morning, afternoon, evening, midnight)I will be watching TV in the evening.
an action until a future point in timeI will be ready in five minutes.
period of time for an actionIn the last two hours it was raining.
atspecific timeThe show begins at 11:30.

Someone broke into our house at night.
until period of time until an action is doneIt was raining until this Sunday. of time from a point in time to a point in timeFrom 3 to 6 o'clock Daisy was studying.
before before a specific point in timeBefore the dinner Sam managed to clean the house.
byperiod of time until an action is doneBy 6 o'clock my father will be at home.
since action began at a specific point in timeWe have been living in Bristol since 1995.
for period of time We have been married for 10 years.

Other prepositions

ofpart of somethingHe is one of the students.

Page 47 of 200.

Most of them are good people.

The beginning of the show is at 7:30.
fromget something from someoneIt's a present from Jane.

Have you received any e-mails from me?

This jacket is from Jack.
byan action done by someoneThis book was written by my father.

I want to build a house by myself.
aboutmeaning of something

topic of something
This book is about Egypt.

Please ask him about his wife when you meet him.

What are you talking about?

What's that all about?
withcompanion of someone

relation to something
I am going to holidays with my family.

Do you want to go to the cinema with me?

What's wrong with him?

I am busy with my homework.

He is a boy with black hair.

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