Conditional Type 1

(condition) + (action that is possible in the future).
If + present simple, will future.
Will future + if + present simple.
If you ask me, I will help you.

If he doesn't call me, we won't go out.

My father will be angry if we come back home late.

If I catch the bus, I will be home early.

Conditional Type 2

(condition) + (an action that is not likely to happen in the future ).
If + simple past , would + first form.
Would + first form + if + simple past.
If you asked me, I would help you.

If John didn't be shy, he would kiss Susan.

If I won a lot of money, I would buy my own house.

If she learned, she would pass the test.

Conditional Type 3

(condition) + (action that is not possible in the future anymore).
If + past perfect, would have + third form.
Would have + third form + if + past perfect.
If you had asked me, I would have helped you.

If I had asked him yesterday, he wouldn't have forgotten it.

I would have informed the police if you hadn't brought my bike back.

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