Past Perfect Progressive

Past Perfect Progressive

An action in the past happened and continued before an another action in the past.

Past Perfect Progressive is often combined with Past Simple.
Signal Words:
before, when, until that time, for five hours, all day
had + been + 1st verb form + ing
I had been waiting at the airport for three hours when my plane arrived.

The fields were white. It had been snowing for days.

I had been running everyday but yesterday I had to stay at home.

hadn't + been + 1st verb form + ing
I hadn't been studying Chinese before I moved to Hong Kong.

You got me wrong, I hadn't been living in London all my life.

We hadn't been walking in the park before the lunch.
had + been + 1st verb form + ing
How long had you been waiting to got on the train?

Why had we been calling you for three hours before you answered?

Where had you been hiking? We were searching the whole mountain!

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